Celebrating Friendship Day – Wildlife Safaris in India Style

Celebrating Friendship Day – Wildlife Safaris in India Style

Let’s Celebrate Friendship Day with Wildlife Safari in India

In our fast-paced world and one which sees rapidly changing lifestyles, attitudes, and people – our relationships are also a victim of the change. And sometimes it’s good. Mostly it isn’t.

Your relationships are by what a lot of people will evaluate you. Personally and professionally, too.  It’s psychological – because we are incredibly quick to judge people on the basis of appearances.

Since we live in times that are now incredibly me-centric, a lot of us are more about what we aren’t getting out of life. And that includes our relationships.  We believe there’s nothing really wrong with wanting something and having it. After all – we can give more of ourselves if we are content with what we have, right? But the chances of making that happen increase exponentially when we make the effort and begin the giving process ourselves rather than waiting for the other person to do so.

So here’s what we think you could do to make your most important relationship – your happiest and most meaningful one. With a bit of help from us.

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It all comes down to being each other’s best friends. And you needn’t have only one best friend – there could be others too. A network or a support system of good friends who play different roles and come in to complete different parts of you and your life are a great way to stay sane. A spouse or partner may be no less. Or even be first among equals.

One way to do it is to list out the qualities you’d want in an ideal friend. Nothing is too small or trivial to not be on that list – if it matters to you.

Next up – become that person! Psychologist John Gottman has spent years researching what makes relationships flourish or fall apart. He found that lasting relationships come down to friendship. Couples who stay together make a conscious effort to connect, share interests, and meet their spouse’s emotional needs. So if you feel you or your partner need a break – a getaway to the Wildlife Safaris in India to just be yourselves.  That’s a great setting to keep friendships in the pink of health.

Be as active or as lazy as you wish. Spend quality time away from commitments and connectivity!  Score our Hand-Picked Resorts & Hotels for the ultimate in personal spaces. Our personalized cuisine on offer – will make fine-dining a memorable co-created experience between you and our MasterChef with his talented team.

We also have great places for a group of friends to meet and re-live the most significant times of their lives. With our villas spread out over acres of space in various places – these are a great place to host intimate reunions, celebrate anniversaries or any day that matters. And create a lifetime of memories.

Irrespective of how long it takes to achieve it – let’s not forget – Friendships are like gardens; they must be cultivated and invested in. The key is to be consistent and persistent—without expectations. It’s amazing what can happen when we assume the best, give our best and stay meaningfully engaged with those who matter. After all – our world is a reflection of who we are and what we do. That’s physics and not some mumbo-jumbo!

So if you believe in that a solid friendship is the foundation of everything – head over to our Hand-Picked Resorts & Hotels. Celebrate Friendship with us this coming Friendship Day that falls on 2nd August 2020.

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