How to Click Stunning Black And White Photos

How to Click Stunning Black And White Photos

Make The Best Out of Your Cameras To Click Beautiful Black And White Photos

The phone camera has changed our lives. It’s turned us into gourmands, explorers, and occasionally even voyeurs. With images becoming ubiquitous and run-of-the-mill – it’s the rare one that stops our tracks and merits a second and third look. And most people shoot regular color photographs – while black-and-white photography is considered a thing of the past.

However, there is an increasing tribe of both amateur and professional photographers who choose to shoot monochromatic or black and white photos. And manage to make a great statement. These black-and-white images showcase intense and raw emotions of people and amazing landscapes that take on a different character that does not come across through color photos.

Black-and-white photographs bring out light and shadow, pattern, and texture. It is an art that merits attention to equipment, process, composition, tonality, and lighting. So if you’re looking to break away from the norm and looking to shoot striking black and white photos– read on for our secret sauce tips and tricks. You can of course – shoot using your phones or cameras of all kinds.

Shoot in Black and White

Shoot in Black and White
Elephant bull looking at bird Kenya, 2017 © Joachim Schmeisser

Because shooting in color and then converting them into black and white during editing is time-consuming and doesn’t get the best results.

Digital and phone cameras have a black-and-white preset option. So you get to see your composed image and shoot it in black and white.

Pro tip: Shoot using your camera’s RAW format using the black and white preset for increased control and quality. You can also shoot on Auto or Intelligent Auto Modes if you are not comfortable using manual settings on your camera.

Shoot at the lowest ISO Setting

Shooting on a high ISO generates image ‘noise’.

Pro tip: It is preferable to shoot at your lowest ISO setting. That will enable you to get a sharp image with slight noise rather than a noiseless shot in which your subject is not clear.

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Shoot on Dull Days

Pro tip: Those dull, grey winter days are the best time for capturing great-quality, black-and-white photos. The effect is soft and mellow as the light surrounds subjects smoothly and gently.

Visualize in Black and White

Pro tip: Try to imagine your subject in black and white and you can manage some amazing black-and-white shots. With great shadows and contrasts, lines, and shapes. It can lead to an entirely different way to shoot a particular subject.

Keep it Natural

If you are shooting nature or landscapes – it is considered best to shoot at dawn or dusk when the sun is low and the light is even and soft. With black and white photography – you flip the principle on its head.

Pro tip: To get great black-and-white photos, it is best to take photos during the middle of the day.

Black-and-white pictures are great when they are shot informally. These are some simple steps any expert or novice photographer can take for achieving great black and white photos. More effects and achievements await as long as you keep experimenting.

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