It’s Season Time at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

It’s Season Time at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

As the weather transforms from mild to warm, leading into summer – it’s season time for us. As temperatures still range from cold during night time to warm in the daytime – this is the best time to be at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve.

Tiger spotted at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

Tiger spotted at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

It’s the time when wildlife sightings and experiences go up exponentially. That’s because the tigers who have been roaming around outside the park – amidst sugarcane fields, are now back into the protected areas in the reserve.

Rising temperatures are transforming the parks’ watering holes – where the animals get together for a refreshing drink after a long, hot day. There is hence much to see and experience in one single location, alone.

The annual summer migration of birds has ensured great sightings of migratory birds inside the parks.

Recently guests at one of our Hand-Picked Resorts & Hotels have been delighted to experience the best of Dudhwa’s wildlife including:-

  • Tigers with Cubs
  • Leopards
  • Fishing Cats ( an endangered species)
  • The Bengal Florican ( a critically endangered species)
  • Great Hornbills
  • Indian Otters
  • Jungle Cats
  • Huge groups of Wild Elephants
  • One-Horned Rhinos(the star attraction of Dudhwa)

We recently had a guest stay with us in on their honeymoon who saw 11 Rhinos with 2 calves during one of their Elephant Safaris. I guess this was the Rhino’s way of wishing them a happy married life ahead.

Swamp-Deer or Barasingha at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve

In our latest report from the ground, there are many actions taking place at the adjoining, Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary’s main water hole – Jaadi Tal.

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It is playing host to herds of BaraSinghas ( Swamp Deer ) who spend their afternoons lazing around in the water. This, of course, is attracting the Tigers who are frequently seen stalking their prey from a distance.

The birds of Kishapur are promising this season as we are having regular sightings of Spoonbills, Grey Headed Fish Eagles, Crested Serpent Eagles, Pelicans, and the Bengal Florican.

Not to forget the Crocodiles and Leopards who have been keeping us company this season.

The nearby Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary carries the reputation – “where rare is common” and it’s living up to that promise in style.

In our recent boat safaris -, we have had fantastic sightings of Wild Elephants, South Asian River Dolphins, Gharials, and Indian Skimmers. During the jeep Safaris in this area, our guests have managed to see Leopards and Tigers as well.

We’ve even done extra safaris on jeeps and on boats to enable maximum sightings for our guests.

Safari Joys

The bonus? Apart from the protected areas, sightings in and around the Resorts & Hotels have improved tremendously as well.

Our dedicated and highly experienced naturalists have been able to identify areas within walking distance of the Resorts & Hotels where one can see Indian Otters, Nesting Birds, Wolves, and also identify Tiger Trails through the sugarcane fields.

And once you’re done with the life of the four-legged and feathered variety – our Hand-Picked Resorts & Hotels offers spaces, service, and cuisine for you to unwind in style. For this is really the best time to be here.

Dudhwa beckons. Make it happen.

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