Explore the Most Beautiful State of Kerala – Alleppey (“Alappuzha”)

Explore the Most Beautiful State of Kerala - Alleppey

Find Solace in the Beautiful Alleppey

Alleppey, also known as Alappuzha, is located in the beautiful and picturesque state of Kerala in south India. The epithet, Venice of the East, came from its quintessential backwaters, lagoons, lakes, and beaches. With a tropical climate and filled with lush greenery everywhere, it is a perfect spot to spend a few calm and serene days away from all the city noise.


For accommodation, our luxurious Hand Picked Resorts & Hotels are just the best place to spend your days. Be it a weekend itinerary or a week-long adventure, Alleppey is the perfect destination for every traveler.

It is a place surrounded by different and new experiences, to sate your lust for adventures.

Some common places to visit in Alleppey are as follows:-


Houseboats in Alleppey

If budget is not an issue for you, try spending a day in one of the deluxe houseboats. The place is filled with canals running in the entire city, which will allow you to travel in the entire city through water bodies.

The vicinity is covered with shimmering water bodies and swaying coconut trees. If you are in love with nature, then it will surely be one of the most satisfying and mesmerizing journeys you will ever make.

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Marari Beach

Marari Beach

Coveted for the spellbinding flora and fauna of the ocean, the place has become one of the most idyllic destinations for nature lovers.

With shimmering water touching the broad golden sand, having swaying coconut trees in the background and the sun slowly setting behind the ocean is the most quintessential image of nature one can imagine.

If you are seeking solace in solitude spend some days at our Hand-Picked Resorts & Hotels, this should surely make it up to your bucket list.


Backwaters of Kerala

Alleppey resides within a maze of backwaters. Canals and inter-connecting lakes cover the entire city in a way that you can travel the entire city by boats. The backwaters are a soul-soothing destination, where people go to enjoy the serenity of nature.

The watching of sunsets, birds, daily lives of farmers, fishing, and gazing at the vast prodigy of nature cannot be anymore mesmerizing and overwhelming.



Pallippuram is a beautiful offbeat location located in Alleppey. A small island in the Vembanad lake. Filled with vegetation, the island is really a treat to the eyes. Taking a stroll down the lonely forest is an absolutely indispensable experience for any nature lover.

While taking a walk amidst the lush green forest, you can often see beautiful species of birds and other small animals. Although, the pristine nature comes at a price. Since so few tourists visit this place over the year, most of the basic amenities are not available.

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