Corbett National Park - "The Fusion of Nature & Wildlife"

" The land of Roars,Trumpts and Songs of wild animals "

Corbett National Park

Making the blend of nature and wildlife Jim Corbett National Park is having some hidden hazard in it for the adventure lovers. The park is located in the Nainital District of the Uttrakhand which is a great place for the tourists. Corbett National Park is one of the oldest wildlife Park of India and is known for its rich tiger population. It’s named after the famous man eater hunter-Jim Corbett, who turned into a conservationist and played a key role in the establishment of the park. Corbett is perfect spot for nature lovers with more than 100 species of flora and 70 of fauna, also 580 species of birds. People who had visited this amazing land of wildlife knows well how beautiful it is to visit it and the weather here never demands for season, you’ll enjoy it anyway. Corbett National Park has now turned into an Eco tourism spot and people can even make a stay here few days. Also the jungle administration has staff for the care of jungle and working on it a place non affected by the tourists.

Weather in Corbett National Park

weather in jim corbett national park

Weather is most of the time remains like the other area of India and during summers temperature is high but the morning view of this park is amazing. During winters the temperature runs down to 5 degree but its pleasant in the afternoon and one can even sit under the sun for enjoying the views of jungle. Monsoons are the time for heavy rainfall and rejuvenation of the park, visitors can see major changes in the greenery and better views all around.

Flora and Fauna of Jim Corbett National Park

flora and fauna in jim corbett

Corbett becomes a paradise when it comes to flora and fauna, giving you some real nature goals Corbett National Park introduces you to the rarest animals and vegetation. It is a land for numerous wild habitat including the Wild Boar, four different kinds of Deers, Himalayan Black Bear, wild Dole and Jackals, Sloth Bear, Indian Gray Mongoose, Himalayan Palm Civet and many others. Jim Corbett’s one of the major attractions are the elephants and can be spotted in huge groups.

Corbett has its rich diversity of bird species which are more than 588 in numbers and among them some are the migratory and others are residential birds. Endangered species like the Pelicans, white necked stocks Indian Shag, Crested Serpent Eagle, Green Pigeons, woodpecker, kingfisher and many other which a bird watcher can explore while during the journey.

The vast land full of chaur provides food for the herbivorous living in the Corbett National Park and more than this there are variety of plants and trees that one can found in Jim Corbett like Ber, Dhak, Bael, Kurha, Marorphali, Khair, Bakli making it a place full of greenery.

Attractions in Jim Corbett National Park

This Place being a wildlife park visitors always prefer the jeep safari above all the attractions and that is counted among the top things to do in Jim Corbett Park. Trying something new never gets out of trend so you can give try to some other attractions also. Few of them are listed below:

elephant safari in jim corbett

ELEPHANT SAFARI - Jeep Safari is preferred by most of the visitors and is a famous thing to do in Jim Corbett but enjoying an elephant safari is full of fun. Elephant safari doesn’t goes within the deep jungles but remains on the open area where the visitors can enjoy the views.

CORBETT MUSEUM - This museum is built on the same place where the James Corbett was having his home. This museum consists of all weapons, manuscripts, sketches and other personal belongings of the Corbett. You can actually feel his presence while watching his collections.



CORBETT WATERFALL - This is an amazing place with enchanting views and birds chirping around it make it looks even beautiful. Corbett waterfalls are surrounded by the dense teak forest and the falling water noise is more like a melody for the nature lovers.

RIVER RAFTING, ANGLING - Kosi river which is counted among the attractions near Corbett and activities like river rafting and angling is famous here. However, this river doesn’t enter to the boundaries of Corbett but it’s a nearby attraction for visitors and has clean water.

GARJIA TEMPLE - This temple is located near the Ramnagar and has Garjiya devi as the main deity. This temple stands on the out skirts of the national park.

DHIKALA & BIJRANI ZONES - These zones are the must visit zones for wildlife safari preferred by the tourists.

Where to stay in Jim Corbett National Park

aahana resort

Corbett National Park is having more than 100 resorts in the park area but preferring the best one is in your hands. Aahana Luxury resort and Acorn Resorts are the two such resorts which offers a personalized home away from home experience to the visitors. Being topped on the list of resorts they give a major opulence stay to visitors, also a person can stay more in touch with the nature this way. The place is blesses with wilderness of nature. One can sit and enjoy the luxury jungle living experience here.

How to reach Jim Corbett National Park

how to reach jim corbett national park

Corbett national park is hardly 260 kms from Delhi, from Lucknow its 145 kms, Nainital is 66 kms and Ranikhet is 112 kms. By train also the closest station comes the Ramnagar station which is 12 kms from the park and this way you can reach easily there. Basically it’s better to prefer the driving way than any other, Airport closest to the Park is Lucknow or Dehradun and from there also it would take you atleast 3 hours by road. So we would recommend you to travel by the road.